Mr. Lowrie's Bio
Mr. Roy Lowrie
      Greetings! My name is Roy Lowrie and I am thrilled to introduce myself as your high school English teacher.  Growing up in the area, I have come to acknowledge and appreciate the culture of excellence that accompanies the Patriot community.  I graduated from Xenia Christian High School in 2010.  I then went to a small private college in Pennsylvania for one year before returning home and graduating from Cedarville University in 2015.  For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a high school teacher, and cannot wait for this year to begin!
   This year, I will be teaching English 10, Speech, Journalism, and JH ELA Test Prep.  I am extremely excited to jump into literary analysis, video editing, comparative photography, debate, and research.  This year in English 10 we will discuss the necessity of literature as a means to affect change.  We will research and experience literary texts, music, and art from people groups around the world.  In speech, we will practice and grow in our abilities to communicate effectively through debate, informative speeches, and even entertainment. In Journalism, we will work together to understand and discuss the Tri-Village community, ultimately producing superior articles!
   I have very high expectations for this year and the students who are returning to school.  I look forward to work with each student individually to create a learning environment most beneficial to their needs.  However, as a teacher there is only so much that I can accomplish.  This is why I ask that the parents be intricately involved in their child's education.  There are many practical ways to get involved, but the easiest way is simply asking them what they're learning that day.  Often times, when students have issues with homework, there may be simple fixes that parents can help with.  In order to get as much out of each day as possible, it is imperative that the students complete all homework ahead of time.  This will be the building block of our day.
   I look forward to another academically prosperous and individually enriching school year here at Tri-Village!  If there are any remaining questions or concerns, feel free to contact me via email at [email protected]
- Roy Lowrie
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