Covid Athletic Guidelines
Community, Parents, Athletes, & Staff,

Governor DeWine announced an order that allows Ohio schools to move forward with all fall sports.    In that order, is a wide assortment of safety protocols and attendance restrictions that all schools must follow.    The purpose of this communication is to inform you of the policies and procedures we will be instituting at our athletic events.  We will be the first to say this is not perfect and changes are possible moving forward as we embark on this Fall sports season. The Athletic Department is asking that you are flexible and respectful of these guidelines.   Most of the following has been mandated by this most recent state order.  

The Athletic Department will not be selling any passes this season.  Home passes, sponsor passes, and league passes will not be accepted.   Lifetime passes will be accepted if that individual is on an athlete’s ticket allotment reservation.  General admission tickets will only be sold in the event ticket allotments are not completely sold out.
Pre-Event Self Symptom Assessment
All players, spectators, and event staff should conduct a self – symptom check before attending any athletic event.  Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms as listed by the CDC should stay home.
Tickets / Allotments
The Governor’s order has put restrictions on attendance at sporting venues.  This will fluctuate depending on where our athletes are competing along with ticket demand.  The order has put a limit on the number of spectators based on the maximum capacity of the schools’ venue.   As you can imagine this has created some difficult decisions for schools to make.   Our goal is to make sure we take care of our athletes/participants’ families.   Coaches will communicate with their teams in advance of contests to notify family on the allotment of tickets for that event.  Again the number of spectators allowed is dependent on the venue where the event is being held.   Tickets for our home events will be pre-sold during school business hours.   Each participant is expected to purchase his or her allotment of tickets before the deadline for each game or those tickets will become available for general admission.  The ticket purchasing procedure for away events will be communicated in the days leading up to the event.  
Social distancing must be maintained throughout the event. Families should sit together and maintain a minimum of 6ft from other individuals.  Families must sit together.  Unfortunately, with restrictions being so tight there will not be a student section this fall.  Equally, the band will be moved to the end zone to facilitate the demands of social distancing.
Facial Coverings
Per the Governor’s order you are required to wear a facial covering when attending a sporting event.   
Avoid congregating before, during, and after the games.  We ask that parents please meet their student athletes outside the stadium or school facility.  Spectators should leave the facility immediately after competition ends.
Starting this week all tickets for Home games will need to be purchased during school hours by the players for their families.
We anticipate the following guidelines for our Home games:
Football players (3) tickets per player
Band members (3) tickets per player
Cheer members (3) tickets per player
Volleyball players (6) tickets per player
JH VB  players   (6) tickets per player
JH Cheer (6) tickets per player
JH FB  (6) tickets per player
The away venues will change on a case by case basis.   
Tri-Village Fall Athletic Plans:

-Coaches/Advisors will relay ticket info to all players/families for home and away events
-Lifetime passes will be accepted if you are on a player’s ticket allotment reservation for home events (student must present the pass when purchasing the pre-sale ticket)
-General admission sales will only be permitted if ticket allotments are not completely sold out
-All in attendance must wear a facial covering
-All in attendance must follow social distancing guidelines

** Doors/Gates for all events will open 1 hour prior to the start time.  Please plan accordingly.

August 19 Update

County Superintendents met yesterday (August 18) along with the Darke County Health Department to discuss the usage of face shields. As a result, face shields can be used when wearing a facial covering would prohibit participation in normal classroom activities such as reading, phonics, foreign language and playing an instrument.  
Masks will be required in congregate areas when social distancing cannot be achieved (Classrooms, Hallways, Class Changes, Arrival/Dismissal, Cafeteria Line and on the Bus). 
Masks are not required in PE or at recess as long as there is activity. 
Mask breaks will be acceptable when students are able to maintain six feet of distance in the facility when the educator supervising the educational setting deems it necessary.  
TV Reopening Guidelines
Tri-Village Families,

I hope this communication finds you doing well and enjoying the summer weather.  We can all agree, it continues to be a unique and unpredictable year but at least the July sunshine is giving us a taste of normalcy. 

The District Leadership Team met on multiple occasions throughout the summer months monitoring the guidance and recommendations being delivered while participating in discussions with the Darke County Health Department, the Ohio Department of Health, the Governor’s Office, collaborating with other school districts in the county and throughout the state of Ohio.  The plan released today is subject to revision as health circumstances change in the state of Ohio, in Darke County and in the Tri-Village Community.  The District reopening plan continues to be re-evaluated based on evolving conditions, recommendations from our public health authorities and orders declared by our Governor. 

Feedback from the entities listed above was used to determine the best plan for our students and staff safe return to school.  At this time, the Tri-Village Local School District will open with in-person instruction five days a week beginning on Tuesday, September 8. The start date for the 2020-2021 School Year was changed due to the most recent recommendation from the Darke County Health Department.

 Tri-Village Local Schools does plan to offer a remote learning option however, a meeting with the appropriate building administrator to discuss and streamline this option must occur prior to August 14. 

Copies of the revised 2020-2021 School Calendar, a Reopening Quick Guide and the Full Reopening Plan are attached. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding, see you soon, it’s always great to be a Patriot! 

Josh Sagester, Superintendent 

Revised District Calendar 

District Guidelines 

District Fall Reopening Quick Guide 

Longevity of Service Recognition

All employees who qualified for the Longevity of Service Recognition award received a commemorative plaque on Thursday, May 31, 2018   

The Longevity of Service recognition award is based upon years of service with the Tri-Village Local School District.  Initial qualifications require ten years of uninterrupted service, followed by five year increments ending at year 35.  The plaque increases in size based on years employed by the District.  The plaque is a token of the District's  appreciation and signifies Board of Education's gratefulness for  loyalty and dedication to the students and community.
Longevity of Service Awards
Fall 2021 Restart Plan
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