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Tri-Village Local Schools 

Remote Learning Plan 

January 4-8

Tri-Village Local Schools will execute the remote learning plan for all students in grades Pre-K-12 beginning on Monday, January 4 through Friday, January 8.  Students will return to campus for in-person instruction on Monday, January 11.


January 4-8 Goal for Distance Learning

  • Provide high quality instruction and feedback that meets the goals of the class. 
  • Provide consistent connection to students to ensure student needs are being met in the areas of social, emotional and academic growth. 

Expectations for Teachers, Students and Parents 

Teachers will…

  • Clearly articulate the daily schedule to students.
  • Provide daily live instruction when applicable.
  • Communicate with parents and students when issues or questions arise. 

Students will…

  • Participate in learning and ask for assistance when needed.
  • Complete assignments on time. 
  • Attend class virtually when applicable. 

 Families will…

  • Check daily for teacher/school communication.
  • Ensure active and consistent communication.
  • Communicate with teacher, counselor, or building administrator when issues arise.

Student Access to the Internet

  • If a family does not have access to the internet at home, the student and/or parent will communicate directly with the building administrator and/or teacher.  The administrator will work with the family to remove barriers however, if necessary paper learning packets will be provided. 

 Remote Learning Delivery

  • Junior High / High School- Lee Morris, Principal 
    1. Grades 7-12 (Google Classroom)
      • A Chromebook and charger will be sent home with each student in grades 7-12 no later than Tuesday, December 22.  Chromebooks and chargers will be expected to return to school in the same condition with the student on Monday, January 11. 
  • Elementary- Shane Mead, Principal 
    1. Grades 4-6 (Google Classroom) 
      • A Chromebook and charger will be sent home with each student in grades 4-6 no later than Tuesday, December 22.  Chromebooks and chargers will be expected to return to school in the same condition with the student on Monday, January 11.
    2. Grades K-3 (Learning Packets) 
      • Students in grades K-3 will be utilizing paper learning packets. These packets will be sent home with each student on Tuesday, December 22. 

 Attendance and Accountability 

  • Attendance and accountability for learning are important during remote learning.  Attendance will be taken every class period for students learning on the Google Classroom Platform.  If a student is not able to attend learning activities due to illness or appointment, it will be expected that the parent contacts the office as has been done in the past to report a student’s absence.  If a student has an ongoing issue that causes them to be unable to attend online class, please contact your building administrator. 

 School Counselor, Youth Advocate and Student Success Liaison Availability 

  • Annette Black , K-12 school counselor, Amanda Dyson, Youth Advocate and Kelly Harrison, Student Success Liaison will be available to conduct video chats to meet the social/emotional needs of our students. All three will be available to offer a full complement of standard services if needed to support the emotional growth of our children. 

 Plan for Special Education

  • During the time of remote learning, we will provide a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in accordance with state and federal guidelines, through a variety of developmentally appropriate, inclusive and accessible learning opportunities. It should be noted that in order for students to receive small group or individual instruction and tutoring, they may need to meet online during specific times. However, services may look different in some situations. In some instances, classes, programs and/or accommodations may not be available through distance learning. 
  • For students who receive related services (i.e. Speech, OT, PT) as indicated by his/her current IEP, services will be provided via Google Meet instructional sessions/meetings. If students are unavailable for Google meetings, students and parents will be provided packets. 
  • In order to be in compliance with all IEP requirements, all IEP meetings will take place as scheduled. These meetings will be done remotely. 

 Plan for Section 504

  • During the time of remote learning, we will continue to implement and support Section 504 plans for all students, K-12, who have an active 504 plan. It should be noted that in order for students to receive small group or individual instruction and tutoring, students may need to meet online during specific times. 
  • In order to be in compliance with all 504 requirements, all 504 meetings will take place as scheduled. These meetings will be done remotely. 

 Plan for Title Reading

  • The purpose of Title I reading is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education. Students qualify for Title services according to a multi-criterion ranking. Criterion for identification is revisited on a yearly basis. Students who qualify for Title I services will receive small group instruction by a licensed reading teacher via remote learning when applicable. 

 Plan for Gifted Students

  • The Tri-Village Local School District continues to maintain a commitment to providing gifted students with appropriate support in the remote learning environment. Students who are identified as gifted will receive most gifted services through Gifted Intervention Specialist, Heather Bergman or through activities within their assigned classes.   Links to extension activities can foster growth during distance learning after the virtual day is over.  

 Grading and Remediation


  • Core and elective classes will continue to follow Tri-Village Local Schools policies, practices and grading structure. Please note that students may have an increased level of rigor and expectations placed on them during online learning for the 2020-21 school year in comparison to the spring of 2020.  

Academic Progress Monitoring

  • Tri-Village teachers will continue to meet as grade-level teams to discuss instructional best practices, methods and strategies. This planning time will occur and will include the monitoring of students' academic progress in all academic areas; including, but not limited to: English/Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Social Sciences, and Fine Arts. Student progress will continuously be monitored and addressed.  Any differentiation to instructional delivery or interventions will be discussed during grade-level meetings. Teachers will be available to their students and parents through Google Meet and email. 

 Guidelines for Remote Schedule 

  • Teachers will provide live instruction for students in grades 4-12. Students will be expected to attend the classes at their scheduled time. If they are unable to attend, students must communicate with the teacher to ensure that missed work is completed. 


  • The Tri-Village Local School District will continue to provide important information that students, parents and staff need in order to navigate these unprecedented times. The Tri-Village Local School website (www.tri-village.k12.oh.us) is the very best place to find information regarding online learning and district/school information.  In addition, it is important to make sure your contact information is accurate with our school database. Each school office relies on that information in order to have the most accurate and reliable way to reach our parents.  Information will also be shared through One Call, Facebook, Email and Twitter when possible.  
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Required Weekly COVID Update
As of 1/5/2021:  Tri-Village Local School District has had a total of 41 positive cases for this school year.  We have 0 new cases and 0 previously reported active cases who remain in quarantine. We have 41 recovered cases, which includes 3 reports from students who have received lab work indicating they have Covid-19 antibodies.    
2020-2021 Cumulative Covid-19 Cases
Elementary Students8
JH Students7
HS Students14
Positive Antibody Tests3 (1 Elementary, 1 JH, 1 HS)

COVID19 Reporting

Tri-Village Families,


The district is committed to the safety and health of our students and staff.  As required by the Director of Health of the State of Ohio, the district will implement a notification/communications plan in order to communicate in a timely manner.  The following guidelines will be in place for Tri-Village Families:


Reporting a Case:  To report COVID-19 case, please contact Jodi Fritz, School Nurse at 937-996-1511.   Mrs. Fritz will serve as the district’s COVID-19 coordinator and will assist families with the process.  


Notification of a Positive Test:  Written notification of a positive test or case shall be sent to the parents/guardians of all students who share a classroom space or have participated in a school activity during the COVID-19 infectious period. The district will share as much information as possible without disclosing health information.  

  • A one call will be made to the class/grade/team indicating a letter is being sent home with the students.

  • School wide notification will be made using the district website. The website will be updated each time a new case has been confirmed.

Report to the Health Department: Each time a case is confirmed the district will work with the Darke County Health Department to contact anyone identified as a close contact.  The Health Department will notify all close contacts as part of the COVID-19 contract tracing protocol.


Instruction and Missed Days: For days missed due to COVID-19 positive tests (both symptomatic and asymptomatic) and or the purpose of quarantining due to close contact, the district will provide options for students to stay engaged in learning.  Parents should contact the building principal to request access to class (Google Meets) and/or work.  Students who are unable to participate will be provided time to make up assignments per the student handbook rules for absences.  

Disinfecting: Additional cleaning and disinfecting of any exposed classrooms/locations will be completed prior to students returning the next day.  


The safety of our students and staff is our top priority. Thank you for your continued patience, positivity and understanding.  




Josh Sagester


Covid Athletic Guidelines
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Athletic Plan Update
Community, Parents, Athletes, & Staff,

Governor DeWine announced an order that allows Ohio schools to move forward with all fall sports.    In that order, is a wide assortment of safety protocols and attendance restrictions that all schools must follow.    The purpose of this communication is to inform you of the policies and procedures we will be instituting at our athletic events.  We will be the first to say this is not perfect and changes are possible moving forward as we embark on this Fall sports season. The Athletic Department is asking that you are flexible and respectful of these guidelines.   Most of the following has been mandated by this most recent state order.  

The Athletic Department will not be selling any passes this season.  Home passes, sponsor passes, and league passes will not be accepted.   Lifetime passes will be accepted if that individual is on an athlete’s ticket allotment reservation.  General admission tickets will only be sold in the event ticket allotments are not completely sold out.
Pre-Event Self Symptom Assessment
All players, spectators, and event staff should conduct a self – symptom check before attending any athletic event.  Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms as listed by the CDC should stay home.
Tickets / Allotments
The Governor’s order has put restrictions on attendance at sporting venues.  This will fluctuate depending on where our athletes are competing along with ticket demand.  The order has put a limit on the number of spectators based on the maximum capacity of the schools’ venue.   As you can imagine this has created some difficult decisions for schools to make.   Our goal is to make sure we take care of our athletes/participants’ families.   Coaches will communicate with their teams in advance of contests to notify family on the allotment of tickets for that event.  Again the number of spectators allowed is dependent on the venue where the event is being held.   Tickets for our home events will be pre-sold during school business hours.   Each participant is expected to purchase his or her allotment of tickets before the deadline for each game or those tickets will become available for general admission.  The ticket purchasing procedure for away events will be communicated in the days leading up to the event.  
Social distancing must be maintained throughout the event. Families should sit together and maintain a minimum of 6ft from other individuals.  Families must sit together.  Unfortunately, with restrictions being so tight there will not be a student section this fall.  Equally, the band will be moved to the end zone to facilitate the demands of social distancing.
Facial Coverings
Per the Governor’s order you are required to wear a facial covering when attending a sporting event.   
Avoid congregating before, during, and after the games.  We ask that parents please meet their student athletes outside the stadium or school facility.  Spectators should leave the facility immediately after competition ends.
Starting this week all tickets for Home games will need to be purchased during school hours by the players for their families.
We anticipate the following guidelines for our Home games:
Football players (3) tickets per player
Band members (3) tickets per player
Cheer members (3) tickets per player
Volleyball players (6) tickets per player
JH VB  players   (6) tickets per player
JH Cheer (6) tickets per player
JH FB  (6) tickets per player
The away venues will change on a case by case basis.   
Tri-Village Fall Athletic Plans:

-Coaches/Advisors will relay ticket info to all players/families for home and away events
-Lifetime passes will be accepted if you are on a player’s ticket allotment reservation for home events (student must present the pass when purchasing the pre-sale ticket)
-General admission sales will only be permitted if ticket allotments are not completely sold out
-All in attendance must wear a facial covering
-All in attendance must follow social distancing guidelines

** Doors/Gates for all events will open 1 hour prior to the start time.  Please plan accordingly.
Capital Improvement Project Set to Begin
Dear Patriots,
The Tri-Village Local School District Board of Education’s vision is to create a first class environment for our students and families while responding to our district’s needs. As a result of much discussion and planning, our Board of Education will begin construction on a new Transportation Garage on the east side of campus. The Transportation Garage will be situated on the land that was recently purchased for expansion projects such as this.
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Grand Master Mason Award
Abbi Lipps received the Excellence in Youth award from the Grand Master of Masons in Ohio in September 2020.  Abbi is a 2020 graduate She is currently attending Wright State University seeking a Masters Degree in Social Work.  Abbi was nominated by Mr. Beard who is a social studies teacher at TV.  Mr. Beard is also a Freemason in Greenville Masonic Lodge 143.  Abbi and her family were thankful to be recognized for receiving this award.
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Please click on FINAL FORMS in the upper left hand side of the main page and select *New Account for new students to the Tri-Village District.  If your child has attended TVLSD in the past or attended Wee Patriot Preschool, please call the school at 937-996-6261 ext 1218 or email [email protected] and give them your name, email address and your student's name(s).  You will then receive an email from final forms to register your child(ren). Thank you for your cooperation.
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Pick up: 6:40 Drop off: 3:30 pm

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Pick up: 6:50 am Drop off: 3:20 pm

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Pick up: 7:05 am Drop off: 3:10 pm

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Lights begin flashing at at 7:30 am and off at 8:15 am


Lights begin flashing at 2:35 pm and off at 3:15 p.m. 

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Parents and Staff: You can refer students for all four types of acceleration - early entrance, subject level, grade level and early graduation. Click on the file to access the form.
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