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Homework Hints

Homework Hints

Parents can support a child’s interest in lifelong learning by encouraging good study habits and by providing a good learning environment in the home.  It is imperative that children develop good study habits at school and at home.

1.  Take an active interest in what your child is doing in school.  Ask for an explanation of a particular assignment and what is being learned.  Compliment good work or when improvement is shown.  Make constructive suggestions, but avoid severe criticism and undue pressure.  A positive attitude by parents will encourage the student to do the best work possible.

2.  Provide a quiet, and well-lighted place for your child to do
the homework assignments.

3.  Encourage your child to set aside a regular time to do homework, to do his/her best on the assignment, to complete the assignment on time, and to turn it in when it is due.

4.  Encourage your child to seek additional help from the teacher at school if there seems to be any difficulty with the work.

5.  Encourage and guide your child with assigned homework.

6.  If your child is absent for an extended period of time, please contact the school in regard to the classroom and homework expectations.

7.  If you feel your child has an unreasonable amount of homework or that your child is spending an unreasonable amount of time on homework, contact the teacher IMMEDIATELY.

8.  Consult your child’s teacher as soon as problems arise.

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