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Parents Assisting Teachers and Students

Parents Assisting Teachers and Students

We’re excited to share with you the exciting ways PATS plans to enrich our students in the upcoming school year.  Want to check us out? Scan the QR code below to follow our Facebook page!

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Posted Monday, May 2, 2022

County Spelling Bee Champion

Congratulations to Mekedes Butsch for winning the County Spelling Bee!
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Posted Thursday, January 23, 2020

Watch D.O.G.S.

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Posted Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Watch DOGS 4th Annual Kick Off

"Dads and Kids" Pizza Night to kick off a new innovative father involvment program called WATCH D.O.G.S.(Dads of Great Students)  It was created in response to the Jonesboro, AR school shooting in 1998. Since then, the program has spread to more than 800 schools in over 30 states.

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Posted Friday, September 27, 2019

Perfect Test Scores

Congratulations to the following students who scored a perfect score on their state Math Assesment.
Selena Downey, Aubrey Eley, Kyle Laird, Carsen Dyson, Zoe Ayette, Grace Bergman, John Milliff and Lydia Ayette.
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Posted Friday, September 27, 2019

2017-2018 Highlights


Ø All State Diagnostic Testing successfully completed by Sept. 30th. Much in part to our continued efforts to reinforce our technology through the purchases of Chrome Books.

Ø All teachers completed the Book Study Professional Development towards their required Gifted Hours.



Ø TVE celebrated Bullying Prevention Month with a variety of classroom activities.

Ø 2nd annual Homecoming was a great success.

Ø SRO Garbig started presenting drug & violence prevention lessons at each grade level. These lessons continued throughout the year.   

Ø Oct. 11th – Fire Prevention Program took place provided by New Madison Fire Department.

Ø Oct. 17th & 19th – We had nearly 100% attendance for our Fall Parent Teacher Conferences.

Ø Oct. 22nd – 3rd & 4th Grade Pee Wee Football Team won the Super Bowl. 

Ø Oct. 27th – The first Patriot of the Month and Lunch with the Principal took place. This took place monthly throughout the school year.



Ø Nov. 4th - Another successful Fund Raiser was completed. The students did a great job helping TVE provide classroom supplies once again this year.   

Ø Nov. 10th – The first Patriot Buck Assembly of the year recognizing students hard work and accomplishments for the 1st quarter. This happened every quarter.

Ø Nov. 10th – Veterans Day Breakfast

Ø Nov. 13th – Our After School Intervention program started for those students who need extra support in the classroom.   

Ø Nov. 15th – Real Success Luncheon recognizing all of our Special Education students for their accomplishments on the 2017 Spring State Test. 

Ø Nov. 16th K-3 students participated in the Arts in Education assembly.  

Ø Nov. 21st – 2nd Grade Grandparents Day

Ø Nov. 30th – Tri-Village Elementary Spelling Bee



Ø Dec. 1st - K-6 Adopt a Family Kickoff

Ø Dec. 8th – Adopt a Family Carnival Night

Ø Dec. 11th – K-3 & 4-6 Christmas Concerts

Ø Dec. 15th – Fund Raiser Limo Ride

Ø Dec. 13th – Pre-School Christmas Concert



Ø Jan. 23rd – County Spelling bee hosted at Ansonia Local Schools



Ø Feb. 15th - Darke County Science Day at GHS



Ø March 1st – The Power Team visited Tri-Village with an inspirational message. 



Ø April 6th – Start of State AIR Testing



Ø Teacher of the Year Luncheon – Cindy Munchel was chosen as the Tri-Village Teacher of the Year for the 2017-2018 school year.  

Ø May 4th – End of State AIR Testing

Ø May 11th – Special Olympics at Greenville High School

Ø May 14th – 18th – Book Fair – Thanks to Heather Richards, Robin Bruner, and all the volunteers who made this successful.

Ø May 14th – K-3 & 4-6 Spring Concerts

Ø May 18th – K-2 Field Day

Ø May 25th – 3-6 Field Day

Ø May 24th – Kindergarten Celebration


Overall Successes:

Ø Completion of all testing: MAP, AIR, TGRG, and all required state diagnostics

Ø No retentions from the TGRG

Ø OTES was successfully completed with all staff being either Skilled or Accomplished

Ø After School Intervention was offered to students throughout the year to reinforce skills being taught in the classroom.  

Ø Lunch with the Principal was held monthly where students ate pizza as a reward for positive behavior.

Ø A Patriot of the Month was chosen monthly after being nominated by grade level staff for positive behavior.

Ø Each grade level participated in at least two educational field trips throughout the year.

Ø 2nd Grade Patriot Partners visited the Brethrens Home once a month to read to the residents.

Ø 100% of Elementary teachers successfully completed the Instructional Practice Goals set by the District listed below:

1.       Teachers will engage each students, congruent with building level expectations, in high quality project based learning experiences. 

2.       During this academic year each teacher will engage their students in at least two Career Connection experiences that relate to the content being taught.

3.       Each teacher will assign and evaluate two non-fiction writing samples of every students. One should be completed each semester.   

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Posted Tuesday, May 29, 2018

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