Classroom Guidelines:
-Speak when given permission
-Bring all materials to class
-Follow classroom procedures and instruction
-Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
-Use all materials properly

Playground Guidelines:
-Take turns and cooperate

-Include others
-Use encouraging and kind words
-Stop playing when the whistle blows
-Line up calmly in the correct line
-Follow directions the first time
-Accept consequences without arguing or complaining
-Share equipment
-Return equipment
-Use equipment appropriately
-Stay in designated areas
-Run only where permitted
-Use hands and feet properly

Hallway Guidelines:
-Keep voices and feet silent
-Keep hands and feet to yourself
-Face forward
-Must have a hall pass with you at all times
-Keep hallway neat and clean
-Walk in a straight, well-spaced line; keep to the right
-Have backpacks secured on back
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